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Regional events are successful marketing instruments

More than 12 years ago, stahlnews.de GmbH & Co.KG expanded its range of services to include the organisation of networking events. In addition to more than a dozen international industry and expert meetings, this includes the event series stahlnews@12. stahlnews.de organizes a "Business Luncheon" (starting at 12.00 noon, therefore "at twelve"), to which the participants are specifically invited according to the client's specifications. In addition, a renowned speaker will speak on a selected topic relevant to the target group. During a subsequent meal and beyond, guests and hosts will have sufficient time for networking.

stahlnews@12 has already been successfully organized several times in Düsseldorf, but also in Dortmund, Hamburg, Norden, Bremen, Hanover, Dresden, Leipzig, Saarbrücken, Munich and Stuttgart. Time and again it has been shown that these targeted events are well attended because the participants have time for each other, which is rarely the case at large events.


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